What do our happy clients think about Beautymins?

98 % of our clients are extremely satisfied with the taste and ingredients.

95 % of our clients noticed the first positive results within the 1st month.

4,9 is the average grade of our clients’ satisfaction with Beautymins.

“I adore them! Not only are they entirely natural, with all ingredients nicely listed, but 1 box is enough for 2-months supply. Beautymins are so delish, not a day goes by when I don’t take 1. If they were candies, I’d definitely overeat them :D”

Gaja Z. / Kranj

“A while ago I got these Beautymins, cute gummy bears, containing biotin, vitamin D3 and zinc. They’re vegan and there are 60 of them, helping my hair and nails grow nice and long. Super yummy.”

Ana Lesnik

“They’re really great, I find them so tasty. Taste is amazing, even better than the candy gummy bears. I actually find it hard to hold back and only eat 1 per day, which is the recommended dose.”

Barbara Golob

“THE BEST SMELL immediately after you’ve opened the box!!”

“Beautymins have an awesome aroma, they’re super cute, and I’m looking very much forward to taking them because I definitely have hair growth problems as I often dye my hair and my ends are very dry! Nails are also a problem because for 2 years I’ve had fake nails and they’ve always been brittle. Now I won’t fear for my nails and hair anymore!

Anita Bašanović

“Not only that they taste great, they’re also extremely healthy for my hair, nails and skin. I’ve been taking them for 3 weeks, first I just wanted to try them to see if they bring me any results, and what kind of results. Well – they delivered. I can finally sport my natural nails. Before that, I’ve always come back to permanent nail polishing but it only destroyed my nails more. Now, I am finally back to when I can have my natural nails again – after 1 month of taking Beautymins. And my nails are no longer paper thin.”

Kaja Vidmar