Frequently Asked Questions

What are Beautymins and how do I take them?
With a complete combination of vitamins and minerals that help take care of the health of your nails, hair and skin health. Beautymins improve the appearance and structure of your nails and hair, as well as promote faster growth. You can take 1 Beautymin per day, at any time.

How do the Beautymins work?
With the natural combination of vitamins and minerals that help you take care of health and look of your skin, nails and hair, and with positive effects on the looks, structure and growth of your nails and hair. One daily Beautymin will nourish your body with more than 10 different nutrients.

How are they produced and where?
Beautymins by Medyko are delicious, gummy beauty vitamins, aromatised with natural raspberry and red fruit flavours. VEGAN, produced in Germany. They are your beauty routine and a big bear hug of health. The unique formula of Beautymins will take care of your pretty, healthy and glowing hair, skin and strong nails.

Do they contain sugar or sweeteners?
They only contain natural sweeteners maltitol syrup and steviol glycosides and they contain absolutely NO SUGAR.

Who are the vitamins suitable for?
For all of you, struggling with the maintenance of pretty, healthy and fast-growing nails and hair.

How many vitamins it is advisable to take per day?
1 daily.

When in the day it is advised to take them, do I need to take them in combination with food / liquid?
Anytime, best in the morning. No liquids required.

Are there any possible side effects of taking the vitamins?
No, they are completely safe if you are a healthy individual.

Will my body hair also start growing faster after I’ve taken the vitamins?
No, they do not contain any hormones.

Will my hair start to break or fall out if I stop taking these vitamins? No, the condition of your hair will return to how it normally was prior to taking the vitamins.

What exactly do Medyko and Beautymins stand for?
Medyko is the holding brand of innovative, quality food supplements, Beautymins is the beauty brand of products.

What packages are available?
1 box (2-month supply), 2 boxes (4-month supply) or 3 boxes (half-year supply).

How do I order my vitamins?
By clicking on BUY BEAUTYMINS at the menu on the top of the page, then Add to cart and proceed to check-out!

Are credit card payments safe? We’re using the SSL certificate on our site, which assures you complete data protection. We have no insight in connection to your CC.

Can I apply for monthly subscription?
Unfortunately not yet.

To what countries do you deliver and how much is the shipping cost?
We ship almost anywhere in Europe. You can contact us at to see if we deliver to your country. Shipping is FREE for all orders over 35€, otherwise it costs 4€.

How long does the shipping take?
Depending on your country, from 3 to 7 working days.

Will I get a confirmation of my order / payment? How do I know if my order had been successful?
You will receive a confirmation email.

Can I return my product?
Of course, see our Returns page for additional info.