Beautymins = a beary big amount of beauty in a single gummy

Beautymins by Medyko are tasty beauty gummy vitamins, infused with natural raspberry and red fruit flavours! Vegan and sugar-free, made in Germany under the careful eyes of the best scientists. After conducting extensive testing to find the optimal combination of flavour, texture and ingredients, we've prepared the best thing for you in the form of one single gummy bear! Taking just one Beautymin per day will help you get harder nails, stronger hair, and glowing skin.

They are your beauty routine and a bear hug of health. The unique Beautymin formula will take care of your strong, healthy and happy hair, nails and skin.

Open the bottle and ... indulge in the smell of red fruits!

These natural fruity bears will make you obsessed with their natural raspberry and red fruit flavour ...

Beautymins + me = healthy inside & outside

One daily vegan Beautymin gives you all the necessary nutrients that will nourish your nails, hair and skin. One gummy contains 12 different vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. The benefit of these gummy supplements is that they are more pleasant to take than capsules or tablets. By chewing them, you will digest them easier as well. They are produced in Germany and are entirely FREE from sugar, gelatin, gluten, soy, lactose, GMOs and any animal-derived products.

Quality = our priority

Beautymins beauty vitamins are made in Germany, and produced from only the very best and high-quality ingredients, suitable for vegans and contain no sugar, gluten, gelatin, soy, lactose or GMOs. 

In order to see the best results, we recommend taking Beautymins for a minimum of 2 months (1 bottle). Recommended daily dose: adults take one gummy bear per day.

DO NOT exceed the daily recommended dose. Food supplements should be used as an alternative to a balanced and versatile diet and healthy lifestyle. Exceeding the daily recommended dose can result in a laxative effect.